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Earthquakes in Arkansas and Oklahoma

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Maybe I have a twisted sense of humor but I find it funny that so many people are all shook up over small earthquakes and looking for someone to blame. I'm quite well aware the New Madrid fault could be a problem but most of the quakes in Arkansas and Oklahoma haven't been anywhere near that fault line. There's probably some small fault lines that decided to give everyone around a thrill.

According to geological records there are 1000's of small (very tiny only registered on instruments) quakes per year in the north eastern arkansas area, south eastern missouri.  A trucker from Kansas city told me they get quakes there sometimes. I think once or twice growing up in Arkansas over the years we have heard a boom noise that was latter said to be an earthquake.

I would say that in engineering structures as you get closer to the mississippi river and north eastern arkansas, earthquake engineering mods need to be ramped up for the "big one"

Oh the 1000's of small quakes per year is a good thing, we wouldn't want to see that slow down or stop for a length of time, might mean the big one is on us. 


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