Author Topic: Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight - $19.95 on 8-19-09 only  (Read 2422 times)

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My son-in-law told me about He's a computer geek working in IT. Woot offers a deal of the day - one item, one day until it is sold. They usually have some sort of techy thing or they have in the past.

Checking today I saw it was the Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight. I went to the Candlepower Forums and it has good reviews. The light has red, green, blue, a 70-lumen white, and IR LED's. They have a field test video on Woot showing them beating the thing to death and it still worked.

The price today is $19.95 plus $5 shipping. It is the same shipping for one or three flashlights. I did a google search and the next best price I can find is $59 at I bought two of them.

Here is a review of it with pics from a fireman up in Maine:

To buy go to:

The deal closes tonight at 11:59 Central.

John in WNC

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Re: Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight - $19.95 on 8-19-09 only
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Guess I was misunderstanding.  I was thinking it would be a smaller light.  Something you could put in your pocket and such.  It seems on the large side, although I admit it would be handy for around the house if the power went out, camping, etc.  Don't think it will fit on my shotgun too well though.