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Looking for a good everyday carry bag that is functional/professional help???

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I work in the corporate environment and this makes it difficult to conceal carry my Glock 27 among everything else I would like to have with me.  I need a semi-professional, comfortable day to day bag. Something that I could carry when meeting with clients or take when I go out casually as well. It can be nylon just good looking and NOT give the appearance that I am tactical.  Any thought or suggestions would be very appreciated thanks.

James Yeager:
These come in very non-tactical colors

You might want to check out Emdom USA's Tactical/Non-Tactical (TNT) Bag; more briefcase-like but functional.  Comes in grey and black for corporate environments.  Not cheap though.

Emdom TNT Bag

This is mine

Its expensive but working in an Government building I need something professional look, but did not want to tote a briefcase, I have had mine for 5 years now and it looks better than it did new.


All of these are great and will definitely point me in the right direction thank you all.  As always I am open to any other suggestions as well.



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