Author Topic: Paracord Lanyard Knot Zipper Pull Security.  (Read 10345 times)

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Paracord Lanyard Knot Zipper Pull Security.
« on: July 09, 2009, 05:35:40 PM »
There were recently some posts on cool things that can be done with paracord and I shared a link to a neat trick that can add a small amount of security to any bag, backpack, etc. that has double-zippered openings.  I learned this trick from the paracord superstar, Stormdrane, via a post over on the EDC Forums (  So, all credit to Stormdrane!

Anyway, I wanted to provide a brief write-up that clearly shows how to utilize two (2) lanyard knot zipper pulls to provide a touch of security.  This security should provide useful for situations where you might be bumping into folks (crowds), who might wish to get their grubby hands on the valuables in your bag or backpack, or to prevent loss of valuables due to accidental openings from your zipper pulls getting snagged on stuff (in the woods, in crowds, etc.).

I want to point out and it should be clear that this is *NOT* a hardened security measure.  While this may be effective against accidental openings, it probably will only deter the most casual of thieves bent on liberating you from your stuff.  If someone is good or really wants your stuff, a few twists in some paracord isn't going to stop them.

I've replaced all of the zippers on my EDC, GHB, and BOB with 2.5" - 3" lanyard knot zipper pulls.  They look sharp, are quite functional, *and* provide this additional function on double-zippered openings!  The best instructions (Animated, too!) I've found on how to tie a lanyard knot are located at .

Click on the low-resolution image, below, to open an easier to view/read higher-resolution version.  Enjoy!

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Re: Paracord Lanyard Knot Zipper Pull Security.
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 11:32:09 AM »
Sweet! I love paracord porn! thanks!