Author Topic: The Big Stick, MURS/ GMRS version 150 - 160 MHZ and 450 - 475 MHZ  (Read 1692 times)

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The Big Stick was first developed as a Ham antenna project as it covered 2 meters and 440-450 MHZ for VHF and UHF Ham radio and I,having extra time on my hands,penciled and built one for MURS/GMRS bands and this way I can share with the non-Ham communicators also. As the Ham version is ready made and has a thread at:
  I won't go into the finer details of construction here and offer the plans in a Word document on my GOOGLE DRIVE as a FREE download,though there are a few pop-up ads to deal with. The antenna is the same as the Ham version ,except the SHORT side is 16 7/8" (critical measure) and the LOND side is 48 1/2" so let me modify the instructions and ad the download link.

Ham version :