Author Topic: Dipole or INVERTED "V" , build your own EASY ANTENNA  (Read 3167 times)

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Dipole or INVERTED "V" , build your own EASY ANTENNA
« on: September 10, 2016, 06:40:56 AM »
While often people pay for antennas,there really is not any magic in making your own...Just some aluminum,or some wire and a bit of hardware.
It really pays to have a spare antenna or two ,ready to install when needed as a storm replacement ,a loaner,or even as an 'on the run' antenna.
First thing to do is cut your antenna to the desired length for your desired band of operation , when an antenna is cut to wavelength,often a antenna tuner is not required.
I personally cut antennas to "RANDOM" length as I can then use a tuner to operate on more than just the one band that 'cut to size' antennas are used for..

Random length is NOT just any piece of wire, to be random the wire must be one of several lengths that are NOT RESONANT on Ham bands.
Suggested random lengths are : 29  35.5  41  58  71  84  107  119  148  203  347  407  423 FEET

Dipole cut charts for single band dipole:

Note that I often suggest a 4 to 1 BALUN as a feed point for wire antennas as a BALUN aide the transmitter with antenna balance and also helps avoid interference on BOTH transmit and receive.
A 1 to 1 or 4 to 1 BALUN is handy and helpful to have and can be found for about $30 US funds from Ham suppliers or AMAZON. This low cost pulley allows for me to make antenna changes without
the need to climb the tower as this I can not do.Also notice the "USED" wire for my inverted "V" antennas was just an old weedeater cord that was found on garbage day years don't
have to buy NEW stuff to produce good antennas.

A careful viewer may notice that this feed point BALUN has a loose wire that really gave the antenna tuner fits till I discovered the damage with this photo.
Also that this is a common feed for TWO inverted "V" antennas as is often used so as to use multiple bands on a single feed antenna.

This is a budget,direct feed dipole from my spares kit.Please note that manufactured insulators or even feed points are not always needed as I have used many common items to
take the place of commercial hardware in time of need or for BUDGET trimming.

This is a friend making adjustments to my current antenna setup.

As I have NO TREES,you might notice that there are MANY ANTENNAS visible on my simple tower.
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