Author Topic: Japan knife attack at mentally-disabled facility  (Read 193 times)

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Japan knife attack at mentally-disabled facility
« on: July 26, 2016, 06:13:05 PM »
Continuation from the ALERT thread:

Japanese knife attack with 15 dead:
Breaking news in Japan, a 20 something man has killed up to 19 disabled people and injured many more in a city to the west of Yokohama.

What is the world coming to? What a f%^#&^@ coward!
Japanese knife attack over. Attacker turned himself into in to the police. 15 - 19 dead, ~40 injured, 13 critical. Not sure why death toll so uncertain.
Combination of multiple hospitals treating and casualty notification procedures?

This article seems to cover what happened pretty comprehensively:
Fox News, 7/26/16: Japan knife attacker reportedly wrote all disabled 'should cease to exist'

The young Japanese man accused in the deadly stabbing rampage Tuesday at a facility for the mentally disabled reportedly wrote a letter to Parliament before the attack claiming, "all disabled should cease to exist."...

In February, Uematsu tried to hand deliver a letter to Parliament's lower house speaker that revealed his dark turmoil. It demanded that all disabled people be put to death through "a world that allows for mercy killing," ...

Uematsu boasted in the letter that he had the ability to kill 470 disabled people in what he called "a revolution," and outlined an attack on two facilities, after which he said he will turn himself in. He also asked he be judged innocent on grounds of insanity, be given $5 million in aid and plastic surgery so he could lead a normal life afterward.

"My reasoning is that I may be able to revitalize the world economy and I thought it may be possible to prevent World War III," the letter says. ...