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Sister Ant

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opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« on: April 24, 2009, 08:13:33 PM »
Hi, newbie here. I am not sure where to place this question so decided here is pretty good. What little I have read from other wimmin folk here, you folks are not alone in your prep work. You at minimum have children to help out and more often than not, you have a significant other or spouse. I feel like the lone ranger in my preps. My family are shocked I now have guns/shooting as a hobby and certainly none of my siblings are into thinking about prepping. I mean, no family support. Whatever I do for myself is done by myself with no cheering squad. Having said that, I do have one female friend of similar mind set I can talk to about all of this (prepping).

I am not debt free. I am over 50 and feel I am running against time to prep for future potential problems. Now that real estate values have dropped (in FL), I don't think there is much money to cash out of my house. If I sold my home tomorrow, I doubt I could walk away with much money. I know I need to down size and only way I can figure this might work is buying a duplex and renting out one side. Not ideal and certainly not debt free but would lighten up my finances a bit. Another option might be to buy a duplex with the one friend I mentioned earlier, at least another gun toting (would be) prepper would be under the same roof if SHTF...

Any thoughts on this? Admittedly, this is first of what will be a ton of questions from a newbie.

D in FL

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2009, 10:59:33 PM »
Welcome to the podcast....Don't worry about the others opinions about what your heart tells you....they will be by later to say "can you help me, I didn't see this coming".....they did see it coming just decided to ignore it.  Don't make any big decisions too fast, it will waste time and resources.  Think through it carefully. How much stuff do you already have that can be used for something else and so on. Lots and lots of good info and wisdom here on the podcast. As you see things coming together and working for you share them here so that others may benefit from your experience.


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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2009, 11:57:48 AM »
Sister Ant,

First thing you need to know, you may only have a cheering squad of one friend in person, but buy joining this forum you have the benefit of the knowledge and wisdom of all the people here at your back. I am 40, and also having a panic about not being prepped enough, on top of surprise divorce in my future. What I have discovered is that any little thing you can do for yourself every day is one leg up from the day before. Even though I feel like I haven't "arrived" at where I want or need to be preparedness-wise, I keep telling myself that ever single little thing I do is motion forward, no matter how small. Something is better than nothing. Don't hesitate to ask any questions here...people at this forum are very supportive and have a lot of information to share.

Good luck with your preps!

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2009, 01:57:34 PM »
Sister Ant, This is a concern I also share. I am single, as is my mom who is on this board. I too wonder on what/where/how to start with only my income, some debt, and renting. I have just been making lists, getting organized, and taking it one day at a time. I have a lot going on in my life right now with my son. I hope to have it resolved soon, and that I can then move "full steam ahead" in gettting everything paid off and getting my preps ready. I feel each day that I am just not getting enough done, that I don't have enough money and that I cannot possibly be prepared. Then I look at my car (bov), and look in my cabinets-which I will admit need some work spent on refilling them. I feel much better knowing that I was able to rely on my food that has been stockpiled these last few months.
As for where to start? That will depend on where you are. Is is possible to learn to can? Even if someone is not into prepping, many people can their veggies from the garden. Find a store that sells yarn and crafting or sewing supplies and see if they can give you lessons. That can be a place to start for learning some new skills.

For the housing issue, is your house worth more or less than you can sell it for? or can you even sell it right now? I would not recommend buying property with someone, unless one is renting from the other as you could wind up in trouble if the other person's finances change leaving you solely responsible for the entire payment on a duplex. You say you need to downsize. Is that because you can't care for your house or is it just eating too much of your income? You can always block off rooms that you don't need or use them as storage rooms.

It is kind of hard to tell another person where to start since you will never know all the information and the quirks in the life of another. I wonder as well where to start and what is more important, and how I go about getting it all since I am single and of couse only have my income to use for it all. We will just have to do the best that we can, and start where our hearts and brains tell us is the most important place to start.

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2009, 02:09:05 PM »
If you can afford to stay where you are, then do so. If you can't talk to a realtor and get their advise. I heard there is a huge inventory in FL, so you may want to wait. In the meantime, consider a roommate, with hard and firm rules. Start making tubs of supplies.  Consolodate your belongings, having yard sales and using Craigslist or even EBay if you can.  Get rib of non essentials and use that money to pay off any debt you have.
Each time you have any money, use it to buy something that will help you be more self sufficient in your life...a cheaper car, a portable heater, a generator, more food etc....if you have a yard, look at it and see how you can make it work for you (garden, permaculture, fruit).  While you are doing this, read, research and learn how to make the most of what you have, how to aquire skills you will need.  Join forums and groups in your area with other like minded people.

Just 'cause your in your 50's doesn't mean you can't do this. All it takes is dedication and determination! You have friends here now. ;D

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2009, 08:45:27 PM »
What helped me was to go out and stock up on lots of cheap food (pasta, rice, beans) and store some water right away.  I immediately felt like I could then feed myself for a while. 

The other additions are being made slowly but steadily.  Even on a tight budget, it's not that difficult to buy a few on-sale items at the grocery store.  Over time it adds up.  Work on the areas where you feel the most vulnerable first. 

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2009, 02:57:11 PM »
I made myself buy $100 in extra food each month.  That is a lot of food since I bought only stuff we ate and only if it was on sale.  During the thinking-about-it mode, I kept track of prices so when I got started doing it, I knew if the price was good or if they'd jacked a price up prior to marking it BOGO free.  If you can't do $100, try $10 each time you go to the store.  I also did toothpaste and soap.  These to me are comfort items that if the SHTF, would really make a difference in my state of mind.  I also did some comfort foods for us.  Now that we have about 6 months worth of food (and don't forget spices, these are a necessity if you're cooking from scratch), my next purchases are going to be a good dehydrator and water filter.  We have tons of water around us that would need filtering before drinking.  We love jerky and are worried about losing frozen foods so the dehydrator feels like the right first purchase.  I also want a pressure canner and it is high on the list with deer season approaching.  Since each of these things is double my $100 a month budget, I'm trying to figure out how to swing them.  I'm hoping our state tax refund comes quickly. 

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #7 on: October 03, 2009, 02:36:08 PM »
Welcome Sister Ant. A bit overwhelming ain't it! Anyway, lots of good suggestions so far. I was in the same frame of mine just a few weeks ago and got great advice from the folks here. Planning, list making, inventory of stuff on hand, list of goals, small goals at first so you feel like you are accomplishing something. I made my coat closet a pantry. Wasn't hard, scrap wood except for shelves that I had cut to size at Lowes. After I put some food items/laundry soap/toilet paper/kleenex in it I felt like I did have a small stockpile. I look for bargains; I went to CVS after work last night to get laudry soap that was on sale for $1.99 a bottle. Scanned my extra buck card, had $7.50 in extra bucks; picked up four bottles of laundry soap, used my extra bucks and paid .50 out of pocket. My kind of deal!

Scoured my budget to see where I could cut back. There of course were some places that I spend money that I really didn't need to, so I will watch out for that and attempt to sock away some cash.

I have found that reading in this forum is the best way to gather information and get ideas. There are also links to sites that will show you how to do things that you didn't even know you needed to do! Anyway, good luck to you and keep on coming back, everyone is real friendly.

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Re: opinions wanted regarding first steps into prepping
« Reply #8 on: October 12, 2009, 09:59:27 AM »
 :o :o :o

Just about everybody here knows EXACTLY how you feel.  I was surprised when I posed all this stuff to my husband, and he we immediately on board.

First and foremost, my first recommendation is...don't panic.  I know it's in the genetic code, but fight it.  It won't help much.  Let the fire stay lit under your hiney, but don't panic.

Start listeining to Jack's back podcasts.  I'm only up to Oct 2008 myself.  It may help you organize your thoughts.

Do what you can, when you can.  Write down what's most important to YOU.  It may be food.  It may be a bug out location (family?).  Determine what the biggest threats are to you in your area and situation and try to use that to devise your plan.

Our family (me and hubby only) have started to stockpile, and started a small garden in the back yard.  We're also looking at ways to plant more food on our property based on season and sunshine.

Take a step back, breathe.  Take a look at what you have.  Examine your existing skill set.  Maybe look to see if you can do something to generate some more income for yourself, maybe a garage sale?

Ask your questios. We'll be here for you!