Author Topic: Episode 436: Bugout Options  (Read 2009 times)

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Episode 436: Bugout Options
« on: May 25, 2010, 07:30:41 PM »
I found this book years ago titled "LIVE A Handbook of Survival in Nuclear Attack" by Rogers S. Cannell & always wanted to build the shelter it has plans for.
It's a Dome Shelter that would be so easy to make & you can do it without hardly anyone knowing what it is & you could hide it from view without too much effort. Y
This would require a bit of sweat & knowledge of concrete. If I had some land of my own I would definitely build it for a "fall-back shelter". If you disguise it well you could keep it filled with supplies without too much worry of somebody finding it. You could even plant fruit trees around it & have berry bushes and various vegetables growing right on top of it to add to the camouflage factor & provide food all at the same time.
Here are some scans of the dome & also a neat emergency underground car shelter you could put most anywhere.